Meet A Mummy!! Ruby & Poppy

Meet A Mummy!! Ruby & Poppy

Meet Ruby & Poppy! @thelplatemum 

How many children do you have and what are their ages? 

I have one little girl who is 6 and a half months old.

What’s your biggest achievement in life? 

My biggest achievement would be my little girl Poppy, she has brought me everything I was ever missing.

What’s the hardest part of motherhood you have found? 

Wondering everyday if I'm doing the right thing for Poppy. Being pregnant and giving birth during this pandemic has been hard with the lack of support I feel I've had, so sometimes it can be lonely and feel like you're doing it on your own.

Have long have you followed Beacon? 

Since the beginning of this year and I'm so pleased I did.

Have you tried Beacon products? 

Yes we have been luckily enough to try a few products out, and we are so impressed with the designs and quality of them.

What do you like about Beacon Products? 

Definitely the quality of the products, they feel really robust and a lovely material for little hands! All the designs are well thought through with little ones in mind and their range of products are perfect and what every parent needs!

Any tips / advice to other mummies? 

Don't be scared to ask for advice, regardless of how silly you think it will be! Don't do it alone, we're all in this together we just need to find each other.

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Hello Holly ! Nice to meet you.
I’m so sorry you had so many issues when Theo was born and so glad to hear you were so strong 💪! Highly admire that you managed to deal with it all and about last point I totally agree that time flies way too fast. Gorgeous boy ! And mama ! Have a lovely day ! And about beacon ! Totally agree unique baby bits and an amazing kind owner 🤍


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